Niklas Kvarforth's personal copy of "When Prozac No Longer Helps"


This is Niklas Kvarforth's personal copy of the first edition paperback of WHEN PROZAC NO LONGER HELPS, handnumbered.

The book is copy number #500, signed in his own blood, including the “tools” he used for the blood-letting, wrapped up in the cloths he used to clean up any spillings with.

"Far too long I’ve been pestered each and every day by people from all around this disgusting planet asking if I can translate this or that lyric into English.

Up until a few months ago this seemed to be an impossible task due to the poetic style I use when writing Swedish. However, after several months of frustration I've put something truly horrific together and was so pleased with the result I decided to collect them all and make them into a book.

I don't think many of you are truly interested in reading these, even though you say you do. As we all know, it is “true” to state you really do care about the lyrics of a band like Shining. But being "true" is probably the only reason you say so.

So go ahead, prove me wrong."

-Kapellmästare Kvarforth, October 2012


First edition hand-numbered in the author’s own blood.
"When Prozac No Longer Helps" contains every lyric ever written by Kvarforth in both its original language and in English.

Only available through the Shining Legions shop.


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