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Alexander Friberg Blood-Painting


Image of Alexander Friberg Blood-Painting

The legendary Swedish black metal powerhouse Shining has decided to auction the artwork created by Maxime Taccardi for their self-titled eleventh full-length triumph. "Shining" was released on September 15, 2023, and quickly earned much acclaim. Taccardi's portraits likewise garnered high praise from the international community. Although it pains us to part with our collection of beloved paintings, we know that Shining's fans will truly appreciate each of the masterpieces that are currently available. All funds raised on this platform will go directly toward helping the band. Support the Enemy!

The painting is a stunning rendering of the former Shining bassist Alexander Friberg. His portrait was used in the booklet for "Shining," as a poster, and for other purposes.

This piece was painted in Maxime Taccardi's very own blood. Of course, Taccardi is a famed visual artist, musician, video creator, author, and educator. Over the years, Taccardi has accumulated a tremendous following within the extreme music world and far beyond, thereby becoming a fan favorite. Shining's creative partnership with Taccardi came about because Kvarforth had long been an admirer of his and thus asked for the right to use one of his pre-existing works. As it happened, Kvarforth's respect for Taccardi was mutual, and the latter decided to make original art for the former instead.