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Niklas Kvarforth "Fifteen Years Of Absolute Darkness" DCD


Image of Niklas Kvarforth "Fifteen Years Of Absolute Darkness" DCD

At times, and when you least expect it, you happen to get lucky when tracking down older and sold out releases (which has been something we have been doing on the side while building the RELATED PROJECTS section). What we least expected was to get our hands on not a couple, but two whole boxes (50 copies) of the FIFTEEN YEARS OF ABSOLUTE DARKNESS compilation double-album which not only was planned on being re-issued by TSI at the end of next year as a companion to 30 YEARS OF ABSOLUTE DARKNESS which is currently in pre-production!

This double-disced jewel includes rare, unreleased and alternate version of songs from bands that Niklas Kvarforth have worked on during the first 15 years of his career. KKOAGULAA, MANES, DIABOLICUM, FUNERAL DIRGE, THE VISION BLEAK and DEN SAAKALDTE to mention a few! Accompanied with liner notes written by the man himself, as well as more pictures any fan can probably handle. This release is essential to any fan of his Black Work and should be purchased immediately for its historical value, and especially so considering that if being re-issued in the future, includes a bunch of stuff that most definitely would be left out on a new edition!