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So Much For Nothing "Livsgnist" CD


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SARKOM vocalist Erik Unsgaard tried his luck in the depressive field with this lengthy solo album, originally released on a obscure Italian label back in 2012.

Whoever was hired with the responsibiliy for marketing the release, for some reason, chose to promote the album by using one truly bizarre photograph of Erik, in which the Norwegian native resemble Niklas Kvarforth to such an absurd level that many actually initially believed, Niklas himself included, that it was an old photograph of him that someone had found in a storage somewhere and hadn't resurfaced until now. That remarkable anecdote aside, The Emissary do appear as guest on one of the songs on the album, but as if things aren't strange enough already at that stage, Peter Huss too contributes to another one of the songs by delivering one of his instantly recognizable trademark leads. What a mess...