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When Prozac No Longer Helps 2024 HARD-COVER BOOK


Image of When Prozac No Longer Helps 2024 HARD-COVER BOOK

PRE-ORDER your copy and Niklas will personally dedicate yours by name with his signature. The first 1000 copies are hand-numbered in blood

Thank you to all those who ordered the sixth edition of “When Prozac No Longer Helps.” Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond our control, we just received word that we won’t receive the sixth edition until April. The factory responsible for printing “Prozac” suffered from weather-related damage. We sincerely apologize for the delay. All the same, we can guarantee you that this updated version of “Prozac” will be extra special and definitely worth the wait. It features a gratitude list along with a brand-new foreword. Of course, the latest lyrical additions — the texts for Shining’s self-titled eleventh album and Høstsol’s “Länge Leve Döden” — are truly phenomenal and represent some of Kvarforth’s finest work yet.

Please note that we bundle our packages, so, if you ordered additional items with “Prozac,” they will be shipped with the book. If you haven’t secured your copy yet, we kindly ask you to show your support for the Enemy! Needless to say, we will send out all copies of “Prozac” ASAP. We truly appreciate your support and patience. It really means a lot to us, especially now. I’m always here to assist you. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or concerns.

Yours truly,
Johanna at Shining Legions European Customer Service ([email protected])