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Wothrosch "Odium" CD


Image of Wothrosch "Odium" CD
  • Image of Wothrosch "Odium" CD
  • Image of Wothrosch "Odium" CD

The mere fact that a band has released such an excellent debut album in the year 2023 is nothing short of a miracle. It is a blessing, as the first chord strikes, that there’s an immediate feeling that the people behind this band have crafted their art via genuine Sinister energies as well as through fanatic devotion and loyal servitude to the Lord of Death!

The short but perfectly fitting vocal invocations performed by Niklas Kvarforth on “Mass” certainly do not disappoint. Rather, they make you want more. And hopefully, more collaborations will follow. But even if that doesn’t happen, we strongly urge you to keep your eyes and ears on whatever might lie ahead in the future for THE WOLTROSCH COLLECTIVE.